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A case of bad dates

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Oh noes! I wasn't able to contribute but I was more than happy to come here, without an bwd blocker, and to a case of bad dates it all. Thank you w. Any chance you could pass the site a case of bad dates to someone trustworthy: I know, I know, sometimes I can be a little silly.

Best of luck to you in everything you dou: I would say something witty but I'm plum out of wit: I haven't been feeling well this year and even though I stayed unusaly quiet,enjoyed reading the stories and gave when I. Would love to read bad date stories from the master. I do have some pressing questions Will we ever solve the mystery of I love my hotwife Horse? Will he ever find his bride? Will Steve and Briana end up datss Joanie and Chachi?

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Will Arch roll out that beautiful bean footage? Thank you for lots of amusement, and congratulations that you're getting too busy with writing work to maintain the site! This was daes the best collection of bad date stories I've found on the Web; does anyone have recommendations of a similar site to follow?

Oh no!

I've enjoyed reading the a case of bad dates and this site made me glad I'm no longer in the dating scene and made me massage los angeles ca even more the good dates I did go on even if a relationship didn't develop.

I will miss everyone Archie, Briana, Steve and any other a case of bad dates Bav forgotten. I absolutely LOVE browsing this site's archive of stories, and have done for the past years. One of my most regularly visited sites, and I'm sure that I haven't read half of the stories. I do hope that the archive remains online, and that perhaps Jared may reappear on special occasions.

Regardless - thanks loads for. Fantastic site.

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I'm sorry I couldn't join the patron ranks, but I loved a case of bad dates site dearly for years!! I can't wait to see what you have for us on the 31st and wish you all the luck in the world with your projects! I'm sorry to hear that the site will be shutting. It is one of my favorites.

I have been with you since I might not have commented a lot but I came here every day and read a new dating story.

You will be missed but good luck with your future endeavors.

Bad dates, good stories. Updated daily with bad date stories of the highest. The bad, the ugly, and the uglier -- a collection of the worst date stories ever. But then there's bad dates, and absolutely HORRIFIC ones. He did give me his business card in case I ever need help with ghosts or.

You've brought much joy and laughter to my life. Thank connecticut wife real sex and best of luck in the future. For years this site has been making me smile.

Thank you, all the people that had submitted the stories, and all the commenters for the laughs - best of luck, all! I have some good ideas to throw. Some real compelling stuff. I'm also gonna miss you, Bananas, Howie and the rest of a case of bad dates regulars on this site.

The comments were often as funny as the stories themselves. Enjoy the season and all the best to everyone in Thanks for the many years of laughs, I'm so sorry to see you go.

I Am Search Horny People A case of bad dates

This was probably my favorite website. But I'm glad it's for all the right reasons -- congratulations on your pilot script!

I wish you many years of success, I know it will happen. What if we made a Facebook group? If Jared sent one of us his presumably large backlog of unpublished fo, we a case of bad dates post 1 per day, and everyone could still comment. I guess this is the bargaining stage of grief. I'd definitely be up for joining a Facebook group for fans of the page.

But then there's bad dates, and absolutely HORRIFIC ones. He did give me his business card in case I ever need help with ghosts or. Bad dates can happen, and it's usually because the chemistry just isn't there. Sometimes dates can go legendarily bad, as was the case for some folks on Reddit. The bad, the ugly, and the uglier -- a collection of the worst date stories ever.

As for dxtes backlog, I haven't yet decided what I'm going to do with. I've thought about publishing them and some of the best ones that have been posted here in a coffee-table-book-thing.

A case of bad dates I Wants Couples

But I'd join a Facebook group to keep in touch, at the very. Facebook is a terrible platform for group communication by comparison with. I am so sorry.

Wow, shocked. A little annoyed that my story never got on this site, but whateves. I see so many friendships in the comments and was also sad I never connected with any of the regulars.

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This is such a great site and will be missed. My stories didn't get chosen.

Closing Up Shop. Greetings! A Bad Case of the Dates is. Read on for ten of the "worst-date scenarios" ever experienced, and be and your palms are sweaty while worst-case scenarios swirl around. Of course, this isn't always the case, and like any game of roulette, On the bright side, so long as you are safe and well, bad dates tend to.

Mine were kind of honey massage center pattaya.

I have Asperger's and don't particularly shine in text but I'm fabulous in person. Would like to be part of a continuing saga of bad date fans. I haven't spent a lot of time commenting, but I've been a case of bad dates this website when I get up in the morning for years. The idea of it not being here is heartbreaking. Although I haven't spoken with many or any of you personally, through reading these posts and the comments, I will be missing so many people.

Architect, Briana and Steve have always been here with amusing anecdotes, and I can't imagine not being able to hear such awesome stories. I second Steve's idea to make a Facebook group. I'm sure there are more than enough regulars that would be willing to a case of bad dates run one, and we could get tons more bad date stories and invite people to share their own! We have to continue on-- it's what Chunky Horse would want! I'll really be missing your site For humor, it was a delight A really cool read It was great fun indeed Took the edge off the single folks' plight.

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I discovered ABCotD in an hospital waiting room Needless to say that me and my wife received quite many side a case of bad dates as we were nearly rolling on the floor with tears in our eyes laughing. My wife's pregnancy was deemed "at risk" and needed regular hospital appointments,so bsd site became part of the hospital routine. Thanks for the laughs! By the way, the one I laughed girl to fuck in 95086 most was the one where the partner of OP's friend was "shitting himself" at a wedding Tried to dafes it again in the archives but no luck.

Forgot to say: Congratulations Jared for your gig. Hope all goes to plan! Also, will this mean that A case of bad dates telemetrics will stop thinking I'm interested in dating sites and stop bombarding me with ads such as "meet Asian dates" and "meet mature dates" I feel a bit self conscious when someone else look at my phone I'm happy to hear about your pilot, best of luck!

It's sad to see the website stop being updated, I've been reading it for a few years, but it's been a really good run. Happy new year! What the fuck - I disappear for a couple caee weeks a case of bad dates come back to find this????

Going to have to do some work. I'll miss you most of all, Scarecrow.

Home Random Post Screenwriter? Send in a Story! A Bad Case of the Dates is closing. Ad rates have plummeted, I've become much busier with my own writing work a comedy pilot script I wrote was recently optioned!

A Bad Case of the Dates: Closing Up Shop

I'll keep posting twice a week until I close for good on December 31st of this year. I'll leave the site up for the foreseeable future so you can come back and revel in the archives. I'll also be around to read the comments. If you're a Patreon patron then big thanks to you. You kept us going these last few months. I've reverted the Patreon a case of bad dates patron-only, which means that the last payment that went through should be the last one you'll be charged. You might want to head over to patreon.

Most importantly, I'm grateful to the regulars and especially the friends I've made off of the site. Making and maintaining such a wacky repository of bad date stories was worth it if a case of bad dates meant meeting you.